Every year Evidence of Faith arranges campaigns in different parts of the world. The places are strategically chosen to reach unreached people with the message of Jesus.

Often the campaigns target the younger generation, and music is used as a means for communication. Through the campaigns we seek to reach areas where traditional evangelism is prohibited. These people feel a deep spiritual longing and their response is overwhelming. On a yearly basis, tens of thousands of people receive Jesus as their personal Savior. So the campaigns are a crucial tool being used to make way for more traditional work through church planting and evangelism.

Evidence of Faith focuses extensively on the follow-up work after these campaigns. Local leaders are well prepared and new churches are being planted by national evangelists, trained for that specific task. Many of these receive their support from Evidence of Faith. The correspondence course of Evidence of Faith, «New Life», is handed out to all who seek salvation in the campaigns, and is a crucial tool in the follow-up work.

The course provides basic teaching on faith in Jesus, and is a Biblical self-paced program. Alongside the campaigns we host seminars for pastors and leaders. Through these the local workers find inspiration and are equipped to reach even further with the Gospel in their own country.

By becoming a supporter of Evidence of Faith, you join in providing the foundation for these campaigns. Your support will facilitate life-transforming meetings between people and Jesus Christ!

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Millions of people get to hear the gospel every day through our various activities. Our work is adapted to the different cultures and countries we work in.

The Dina Foundation


The Dina Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides aid and long term relief in countries in the Third World.