Miracle Channel

Every day Evidence of Faith is spreading the Gospel to millions of Arabs through its own television channel, broadcasting over both satellite and the Internet.

Miracle Channel broadcast 24/7, is in Arabic, and is broadcasted over the two major satellites reaching the Muslim world. Over 400 million viewers can tune into the channel on a daily basis, in North Africa, the Middle East, the Persian Gulf, Europe, and North America. The broadcasts are packed with testimonies about Jesus as Savior, and programs aiming to help an oppressed group of people! In addition the channel broadcasts live from the Middle East. Furthermore, it is possible to follow Miracle Channel live on the Internet, a resource also used in follow-up work through social networking.

Our vision is to give the Arabic people a true and living picture of who Jesus Christ really is, so that they have the opportunity to receive Him as their personal Savior, and enter into a personal relationship with Him. The broadcasts cover a wide variety of topics, are high quality, and the responses have been amazing! On a weekly basis, thousand of Arabs contact us to get to know more about Jesus!

Evidence of Faith runs follow-up offices in several countries. Our correspondence course «New Life» is being studied by thousands of viewers. The Bible is being printed and mailed to new believers, national evangelists are being sent out, and churches are being planted. All of this follow-up is done in support of the television viewers who call in wanting to learn more of Christ!

The Muslim world is being shaken. In all of history, the possibilities have never before been so great to reach a whole region shielded largely from outside influence. Every single supporter is crucial in helping Miracle Channel bring a true picture of Christ to the Arab World.

By becoming a supporter of Evidence of Faith, you are spreading the Gospel to the Arabs around the world. Your support contributes to sharing with millions of Arabs a living faith in Jesus Christ!

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Millions of people get to hear the gospel every day through our various activities. Our work is adapted to the different cultures and countries we work in.

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The Dina Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides aid and long term relief in countries in the Third World.