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11 May 2015 In News
 «Miracle Channel showed me a life with God I didn’t know about», says Nadia from Algeria. She is one of the thousands…
06 May 2015 In News
An Imam and 70 of his followers recently came to Christ in a village in Southeast Asia.
05 May 2015 In News
The Evidence of Faith´s office in Vietnam opened officially in January. With 60 Vietnamese evangelists already witnessing for Jesus, churches are planted…
11 May 2015 In News
During Evidence of Faith’s gospel campaign in India in January, thousands of East Indians chose Jesus as their Savior. And thousands are…
17 December 2014 In News
The Dina Foundation has had a strong presence in Congo for more than a decade, helping victims of rape and violence. Recently…
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Millions of people get to hear the gospel every day through our various activities. Our work is adapted to the different cultures and countries we work in.

The Dina Foundation


The Dina Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides aid and long term relief in countries in the Third World.